The development of the ORACLE project is arranged into three phases, which coincide with each of the three years of the project. In each phase, three specific objectives are identified, from which different activities emanate that help to put into effect the actions to be developed.

Phase 1

Creation of structures:

  • 1.1. Making viable the creation of the Quality and Equity Unit in the university institutions
  • 1.2. Providing the institutional observatories with functionality
  • 1.3. Linking the Quality and Equity Units to create a regional support and collaboration network

Phase 2

Studies and analysis:

  • 2.1. Establishing a protocol for diagnosis and improvement according to strata involved and institutional functions
  • 2.2. Setting up the Regional Observatory for Quality and Equity in Higher Education (ORACLE)
  • 2.3. Applying the methodology of diagnosis, assessment and improvement of equity

Phase 3

Modernization of the higher education organizations:

  • 3.1. Contributing to the organizational development of the region’s higher education institutions
  • 3.2. Applying and validating the modernization and development model
  • 3.3. Institutionalizing and disseminating a protocol for diagnosis and improvement according to strata and functions
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