List of services

Information and documentation

Information and documentation

  • Offer relevant information about equity: regulations / statistics / research / results / evaluation of impact at all levels
  • Provide information on equity methodologies: diagnosis, intervention strategies and impact assessment, regarding equity in the different levels and functions
  • Maintain a database of institutions and people working on the issue, at national and international level
  • Establish a repository of:
    • Best practicess
    • Scientific and dissemination documents on equity and quality in higher education
Studies and investigations

Studies and investigations

  • Present information on international grants related to equity
  • Promote studies on the inclusive university
  • Prepare the annual report on equity in Ibero-American universitiess
Advice and supportn

Advice and support

  • Collaborate in the start-up and development of the Institutional Units for Equity (UIE)
  • Support regional activities promoted by the UIEs
  • Collaborate in the management of internal or external budgets that allow the development of analyzes, manuals, procedures or other products
Promotion of a culture of equity

Promotion of a culture of equity

  • Generate spaces for reflection on equity, through forums, talks, networks or other systems among the members of the Observatory and other institutions
  • Encourage spaces for the preparation and updating of expert professionals in university equity
  • Guide public policies to promote the quality of equity
  • Disseminate, organize and support events related to university equity
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