Competences for Democratic Culture. Living together as equals in culturally diverse democratic societies

Competences for Democratic Culture. Living together as equals in culturally diverse democratic societies

Council of Europe
This document is a product of a Council of Europe project which is taking place in\r\nfour phases during 2014-17. The first phase has been devoted to the development\r\nof a conceptual model of the competences which citizens require to participate\r\neffectively in a culture of democracy. This document describes the model and the\r\nmethods that were used to develop it. The document is aimed at readers who wish\r\nto understand the underlying assumptions and technical details of the model.\r\nPhase two of the project will be devoted to the development of descriptors (i.e.\r\nstatements or descriptions of what a person is able to do if they have mastered the\r\nvarious competences that are specified by the model), phase three to ascertaining\r\nwhether it is possible to assign the descriptors to levels of proficiency, and phase\r\nfour to the production of supporting documentation. This documentation will be\r\naddressed to educational practitioners and policy makers, and will provide a less\r\ntechnical description of the current competence model. It will also explain how the\r\nmodel and the descriptors can be used to assist curriculum design, pedagogical\r\ndesign and the development of new forms of assessment (for use in either selfassessment\r\nor assessment by others).

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